electronic aluminum foil manufacturers

Domestic electronic aluminum foil manufacturers are not many, but the electronic aluminum foil in the domestic market demand strong, due to its light weight, tightness, and good coating application is very extensive.

electronic aluminum foil manufacturers
electronic aluminum foil manufacturers

Aluminum foil is widely used in heat transfer, packaging, electronics, construction, household and other fields can be divided according to use many kinds, such as household aluminum foil, aluminum foil container, aluminum foil and other electronics, which is an electronic foil electronic aluminum foil. Electronic aluminum foil production chain: aluminum – High purity aluminum ingot – electronic aluminum foil – foil electrode – electrolytic capacitors. Electronic aluminum foil, also known as electrolytic capacitor foil, is used for the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors used electrode foil blanks.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is used in a corrosive material working under polar conditions, the organizational structure of the aluminum foil have higher requirements, the use of aluminum foil divided into three types: cathode foil thickness of 0.015mm ~ 0.06mm; high-pressure foil thickness is 0.065mm ~ 0.1mm, requires high-purity aluminum foil production; low foil thickness of 0.06mm ~ 0.1mm.

haomei Aluminum foil main production of electronic products contain 1,3-seriesaluminum alloy sheet, 0.02-0.055mm, can provide customized according to customer demand, the products produced good surface gloss common thickness does not produce oil and Stroke mark, to precisely control the thickness of the product.

As a leading manufacturer of electronic aluminum foil, haomei aluminium has accumulated rich experience in aluminum production technology and services, the main products are aluminum alloy grades 1–8 system, processing of thickness in the range of 0.018mm to 300mm of different specifications, different grades, different states of aluminum, aluminum sheet , aluminum foil, to meet the different industries, the diversified needs of different clients.

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