1060 Aluminum Coil For Aluminum Gasket

Electromagnetic wave induction seal is a non-contact heating process’s gasket sealing method, which can be used for a variety of non-metallic materials containers to seal and preserve items. This kind of sealing way good air tightness, leakproof and strengthen the protection of health and safety.

1060 Aluminum Coil For Aluminum Gasket
1060 Aluminum Coil For Aluminum Gasket

Principle: the use of machinery to produce electromagnetic fields, metal materials in the electromagnetic induction to produce eddy current magnetic field, resulting in instantaneous temperature rise of metal materials to achieve the practical purpose of magnetic thermal conversion.
Electromagnetic induction sealing gasket sealing method According to the above principle, the bottle cap with aluminum foil gasket containers for induction sealing. When the bottle container through the electromagnetic wave sealing machine magnetic induction area, the lid inside the aluminum foil gasket will be induced to identify, attached to the metal pad on the aluminum instantaneous heat, the gasket on the adhesive layer melting into the mouth and One, to achieve a beautiful product sealing effect.
Electromagnetic induction sealing gasket is aluminum foil, aluminum gasket commonly usedaluminum alloy is 1100 plate and coil, 1060 aluminum coil, 3003 aluminum plate. their aluminum content of 99% or more, the state to H18-based, commonly used thickness of 0.125-0.24mm, coil width of about 600mm, sheet width of 1244 / 1245mm. Aluminum gasket is widely used in communications, aviation, automotive, military, electricity, medical, industrial, mechanical and electrical, computer and other fields.

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