How to choose high-quality aluminum plate?

Today, aluminum plate is used widely. For aluminum plate, the factors that affect its quality include alloy content, mechanical properties, surface quality, shape and so on. So choosing good quality aluminum should start with the above points.
The first is the alloy content, aluminum to meet the requirements of the alloy content to ensure the use of performance, which basically can be achieved by domestic enterprises, mainly in the ingot melting time to join a variety of other alloys.

Followed by the mechanical properties, as long as this is in the annealing process to ensure annealing time, and sometimes when orders are large when many manufacturers in order to shorten the delivery time, increase production and reduce the annealing time, affecting the mechanical properties, in fact, this fact Is the more common quality problem.

Plate type: the more important point, mainly reflected in the flatness, leveler leveling machine and straightening equipment, many small businesses do not bend equipment, can not better ensure the aluminium plate, resulting in plate Alice side, Waves appear.
Surface quality: As long as the surface scratches, color, indentation, the main and equipment have a greater relationship, when equipment aging, abnormal operation often appear, and equipment capacity also has a greater relationship, such as my company’s imports Production line with the domestic production line processing the same product in the surface texture there is a big gap, obviously the texture of imported production lines delicate, better quality board.
Haomei Aluminum is an aluminum plate manufacturer engaged in deep processing of aluminum for 20 years. It has implemented the principle of sustainable development in production and invested heavily in introducing advanced foreign equipment into the ranks of environmentally-friendly and efficient production. The main production facilities include 5 semi-continuous casting lines, 10 continuous casting and rolling lines, 7 cold-rolling mills, 10 foil mills, straightening and washing machine columns, flying shears, slitting machines, thick foil shears, slitting and other equipment, and an annual output of 300,000 tons (1 +4) hot-rolling production lines, the quality of products produced are guaranteed.

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