production and commercialization of Aluminium slugs and discs

HAOMEI ALUMINUM is the leading manufacturer in China who is committed to the production and commercialization of Aluminium slugs and discs. Located in Zhengzhou, Henan. HAOMEI is committed to providing the highest quality aluminum product for new and existing markets around the world.

All the Aluminium slugs of different shapes are heat-treated, soft – annealed and the surface tumbled or sand blasted. The slugs are widely used for the manufacturing ofaluminum containers or Collapsible Aluminium tubes for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, beverage containers, and many other packaging solutions.

aluminium slug

Products description

Material Aluminium Slugs with or without holes
Alloy AA1070
Purity 99.70% minimum
Grain Sizes Grain 5
Hardness 16 to 19 HB
Thickness 3.00 mm. to 10.00 mm
Diameters We can supply aluminium slugs of 99.7% Al purity from our aluminium
rolling mill. Slugs from Diameter 20 mm to 116 mm can be supplied.
The following are the different diameters that can be readily supplied.
20mm, 25 mm, 27mm, 40mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 54 mm, 63.5 mm, 74 mm,
75 mm, 85 mm, 89 mm, 90 mm and, 116 mm. Slugs to customer’s
specifications can also be supplied.
Tolerances According to norms DIN 59604
International Standards DIN 59604, 1721, ASTM E 112, MIL STD 105 D, EN 570
Shape Flat, Concave, Preform
Weight Slugs weight (grs.) is determined by the nominal dimensions of the
diameters (mm), thickness (mm) and aluminum density.
Packing Corrugated cardboard boxes (25 kg. each), on wooden pallets.
Finish Tumble Rolled or Shot Blasted

Chemical Composition (% maximum allowed by element)

>% Si
>% Fe
>% Cu
>% Zn
>% Mg
>% Mn
>% Ti
>% Other
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