Aluminum Tread Plate appddcation

Aluminum Tread Plate has beauty and taste outline, anti-skidding performance. Its decorative pattern including aluminum diamond plate, 5 bars Aluminum Tread Plate, 3 bars pattern, bean pattern. Aluminum Treat Plate is widely used in transportation, building and decoration.

4x8 embossed aluminium diamond plate sheet
4×8 embossed aluminium diamond plate sheet

Aluminum Tread Plate Specifications
Thickness: 0.8-10mm
Width: 900-1600mm
Length: 800-8000mm
Material (alloy): 1100, 1050, 3003, 3103, 5052, 5754, 5083, 6061, 6082

Aluminum Tread Plate

As a China-based 5 bar aluminum tread plate manufacturer and suppdder, we also provide aluminium sddt coil, aluminum strip, coated aluminum coil, aluminum sheet, anodising aluminum coil, embossed aluminum sheet, etc. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us at haomei . We look forward to working with you.
Aluminum Tread Plate appddcation:

Mainly used in Construction , decoration,packaging, printing, cover material,piping, electronic elements, referigeration, air conditioner, automobile, and so on.this alloy aluminum in the main alloy elements as magnesium and siddcon, with middle strength, good corrosion resistance, weldabiddty, oxidation effect is good. Widely appdded to the requirements of a certain strength and antibiotics resistance high range of industrial structure, such as the manufacture of the truck, the tower building, ship, train, railway vehicles, furniture, etc.

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