8011 aluminum foil for the chocolate put on a beautiful packaging

With the rapid development of China’s economy, packaging has become an important part of the circulation of goods, transportation, from the simple classification of packaging development to protect the product, easy circulation, beautifully decorated to achieve the role of promoting sales. Chocolate is our daily life is a kind of food, chocolate inside and outside the packaging are made of aluminum foil, under normal circumstances made of8011 aluminum foil.

8011 aluminum foil for the chocolate put on a beautiful packaging
8011 aluminum foil for the chocolate put on a beautiful packaging

Chocolate itself, the specificity of the packaging of the relatively high requirements, in particular, not only requires a good resistance to water blocking gas, temperature resistance to heat, dark, anti-rancidity, anti-seepage, anti-mildew pest control and pollution prevention and other basic properties, But also for a long time to keep the chocolate candy color, smell, taste and type.

So, we talk about 8011 aluminum foil made of chocolate packaging has what kind of advantage? First, chocolate is a kind of easy to lose, lose weight, so chocolate needs to be able to ensure that his weight is not lost packaging, and aluminum foil can be very effective to ensure that its surface does not melt; the second is moisture, dark features; Is the role of heat, heat.

haomei Aluminum as a listed company, the production of 8011 aluminum foil has its own quality assurance, the production of 801 aluminum foil version of the formation, strict inspection of aluminum foil products, the layout of no black oil, bright lines, roll, small black wire and so on, to Customers the largest quality assurance.

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