haomei anodized aluminum sheets

The aluminium oxide plate is placing the aluminum sheets inside the oxidation tank, and the aluminum oxide film is formed on the surface of the aluminum plate after conducting electricity, so that the aluminum plate has various products with different characteristics. It can be said that the oxidation of aluminum sheet as the main film, relying on the density of the oxide film, protection, bonding, so that the aluminum oxide sheet has a variety of special properties.

haomei anodized aluminum sheets
haomei anodized aluminum sheets

Aluminum oxide protective aluminum oxide: long service life, is mainly because the oxide film can be isolated from external corrosion, timely can be used in acid and alkali environment, these features are common aluminum do not have, many times after oxidation used in drawing aluminum curtain wall, ceiling ceiling, good decorative effect and long service life no, the surface residual oil stains. It is easy to wash the surface in the later stage, and improve the usability of the product.

The oxidation of aluminum oxide film: anti-static anti-static, suitable for use in anti-static panel or work platform, because there is no oxide film resistant, antistatic ability decreased after a period of time, these are not the paint.
Oxidation of aluminum plate bonding: the film has a large number of microporous, thin film, microporous adsorption capacity. In the LED substrate and copper clad substrate, the oxidized aluminum plate can be bonded with copper foil because of the oxidation hole on the oxide film, so it can be better bonding.

The thickness of the oxide film can reach 3-8 microns. It is an excellent product.

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