New style window frame material-6063 aluminum plate

6063 (UNS A96063) is an aluminum plate that offers good extrudability and high quality surface. This alloy is used for standard architectural shapes, custom solids and heatsinks. Also used for electrical applications in T5, T52 & T6 due to its electrical conductivity.

New style window frame material-6063 aluminum plate
New style window frame material-6063 aluminum plate

6063 aluminum plate is commonly referred to as an architectural alloy. It has a high resistance to corrosion with excellent finishing characteristics. 6063 has average machinability and forming hot or cold is acceptable. Also due to its conductivity it is utilized in electrical substations. Commonly used in the manufacture of pipe railings, furniture, windows, stair rails, and in pipe railing.

6063 t5 aluminum plate for window frame has excellent squeeze, and can meet the requirements of various shapes of heat dissipation. Window frames and windows are one, so the use of window frames should also be based on the use of beautiful and with the windows material consistent characteristics, is to have a higher corrosion resistance and rust. 6063 brushed aluminum is often used for furniture manufacturing, for the manufacture of window frames material is also very appropriate.
haomei Aluminum produces 6063 brushed aluminum plate, which has excellent thermoplastic and toughness, excellent anodic oxidation and many other advantages. Whether for the window frame or for other places, it is a better material. After processing the company 6063 GB aluminum surface is very smooth, and the appearance is more gorgeous.

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