The Properties of 6105 Aluminum Sheet

6105 aluminum alloy belongs to 6000 series aluminum alloy plate , it can be processed into aluminum sheet, aluminum foil as well as aluminum coil. Among them, 6105 aluminum sheet is the most common one. 6105 aluminum sheetbelongs to “Al – Mg – Si” alloy, and it has many elements except Al: Si from 0.6-1.0, Fe of 0.35, Cu of 0.1, Mn of 0.1, Mg from 0.45-0.8, Cr of 0.1, Zn of 0.1, Ti of 0.1, each of other elements is 0.05 with the total amount of 0.15. Then the rest are Al. Among hundreds of 6000 series aluminum sheet, 6083, 6082, 6061, 6105 aluminum sheetaccount for over 80%. Meanwhile 6105 aluminum sheet is one of the most vastly used 6000 series aluminum sheet. As a leading company in aluminum deep processing, haomei Aluminum can manufacture high quality 6105 aluminum sheetand other aluminum alloy.

The Properties of 6105 Aluminum Sheet
The Properties of 6105 Aluminum Sheet

In the processing, 6105 aluminum sheet needs solution treatment as well as artificial aging. The range of quenching is pretty wide and the sensitive degree to quenching is quite low. Even thin fittings can realize cold with strong wind. 6105 aluminum sheet is vastly used in construction and fractures of automotive to bear the weight of fractures and car body. With online quenching equipment, haomei aluminium can reduce the producing time of 8 – 16 hours. Thus, the lead time can be shorted. What’ s more, 6105 aluminum sheet of haomei aluminium  lives up to international standards and has been exported to countries all over the world, winning lot of praise both abroad and home.

6105 aluminum sheet has high resistance to correction and oxygen. It is also easy to coating. Therefore, 6105 aluminum sheet not only has a promising prospect in automotive and marine field, but also a key product that researched and developed by manufacturers. haomei aluminium is one of them with four factories. The massive production of 6105 aluminum sheet by haomei aluminium is on the march along with the prosperous of high end industry, such as rail transit. That is to say, 6105 aluminum sheet manufacturers will have more development opportunities.

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