Wholesale alloy aluminum strip tape

We are specialize in aluminium strips producing (thin Aluminium coil),we can directly process any types of aluminium strip,aluminium sheet and aluminium coil. These Aluminium strips are widely known for its durability and quality. TheseAluminium strips are available at industrial leading price. They are widly used in calbe wrapping, aluminium plastic composite pipe, electrical transformer, radiators, flexible pipe, venetian blinds, lamp cap, making closures etc


Experience & Plant:
Our company has been engaged in producing and deep processing aluminium sheets, aluminium foil, aluminium plates, aluminium bars and other aluminium composited products for many years.

Wholesale alloy aluminum strip tape
Wholesale alloy aluminum strip tape

At present, we have the following advanced plants:

Continuous Hot-Rolling Mills (1+4) with the annual output of more than 300,000 tons
Continuous Casting and Rolling Mills
Cold-Rolling Mills
Foil Rolling Mills
Flying Shears
Stretch Bending and Straightening Column Machines
Slitting Machines and Honeywell Thickness Measurement Systems
High Precision Grinding Machines
Large Annealing Furnaces and Other Advanced Equipment


Export & Partners
Our products are widely used in railways, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, printing, electrical, electronics, packaging and other industries. Our products sell well throughout the country and are exported to the United States, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Britain, Italy, India and other countries and regions.

We have established strategic partnerships with more than 190 large and medium enterprises at home and abroad to achieve common development.

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