Which kind of aluminum sheet can be used for making the mirror polished aluminum plate?

The mirror polished aluminum plate is refers to passes through the rolling, the extension, polishes and so on many kinds of methods processing, causes the plate surface to present the mirror effect the aluminum plate. Generally, the mirror aluminum plate abroad adopts the method of rolling delay to produce coil material and sheet material.

The mirror polished aluminum plate has a wide application, it is widely used in the lighting reflectors and lamps decoration, solar heating and reflective materials, interior decoration, external wall decoration, household appliances panels, electronic products shell, furniture, kitchen, car interior and exterior decoration, signs, logo, luggage, jewelry boxes and other fields.

mirror polished aluminum sheet
mirror polished aluminum sheet

Which kind of aluminum sheet can be used for making the mirror polished aluminum plate?

The commonly used pure aluminum sheet is the 1050, 1070, 1085 series, among all the aluminum sheet series, the pure aluminum sheet has the highest aluminum content, and the purity of which even can reach above 99.00%, because there is no other technology factor, the production process is simple, and the price is relatively cheap, and it is the most common series in the industry. At present, the 1050 series and the 1070 series are the dominant series on the market,

The reflection aluminum sheet need to be made by the special aluminum sheetand they are as follows:the first is pure aluminum sheet, and commonly used code name of the pure aluminum sheet is the 1050, 1070 and 1085. among all the pure aluminum sheet series, they are the aluminum sheet of the high content, the price is relatively cheap. It is the most commonly used series at present, and most aluminum sheet on the market is the 1050 and the 1070 series. The secondaluminum sheet that can be made into the reflection aluminum sheet is the alloy aluminum sheet. The 5×××series alloy aluminum: the representatives is the 5005 aluminum sheet and the 5657 aluminum sheet series. The 5×××series aluminum sheet belongs to the most commonly used aluminum sheet series, and the main element is the magnesium, and the content of the magnesium is 3-5%, which is also called the aluminum magnesium alloy. The main character of it is the low density, high tension, high extension. With the same area, the weight of the aluminum magnesium alloy is lower than other series, so it is widely used in the aviation, such as the oil box of the airplane, the 5×××series aluminum sheet has the pretty mature manufacture technology. So it usually have a good effect to use this series to make the aluminum sheet.

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