3004-O aluminum alloy strip for aluminum lamp base cap

To make aluminum lamp base cap, first stamping and then tapping into spiral shape, thinner materials and to withstand the pressure. Therefore, the  3004-O aluminum strip need to be with high mechanical strength and uniform microstructure and deep drawing property. Currently haomei aluminum use the flat ingot hot rolling for producing blank holder with 3004-O aluminum alloy strip. To make this 3004 O aluminum alloy strip, we have to control the composition of the material and cast rolling process, the high temperature uniformity of annealing and final annealing process, it have good deep drawing quality, enough strength, good formability.

3004-O aluminum alloy strip for aluminum lamp base cap
3004-O aluminum alloy strip for aluminum lamp base cap

Surface Type:

a.Plain mill finish aluminum strip
b.DOS oil lubricated finish
c.Chromated finish
d. One side golden/white/red/blue/black,etc other colored, other side protective lacquered
e. both sides clear/transparent lacquered

aluminium strip 20mm
aluminium strip 20mm

Detailed Product Description
Diameter:76, 152mm
Packing: Export standard, wooden pallet or wooden case;
Application: Lamp Base , Lamp Cap, etc.


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