Aluminum Strips For Channel Letters

Aluminum Strips For Channel Letters feature:

Aluminum Strips For Channel Letters
Aluminum Strips For Channel Letters

1. Type-4-2-N: Solid Flat Head Aluminum Trim Cap of LED Channel Letter 6meter/pc; Packing: 50m/roll
2. No color-fading and paint-shedding within at least 3 years.
3. The surface is in spraying Paint
4. There is a hook edge on the backside, which is designed for back covering, making LEDs more water-proof and extending LEDs’ life.
Our Aluminum Strips For Channel Letters advantages:
Short delivery times (10 days ex works)
Order quantities starting at 50 kg
High availability due to stockholding and procurement of all common strip thicknesses (please see slitting facilities specifications)
Highest quality standards (For example Strip thickness of 1/2 EN standard, edges with a minimum burr with smallest manufacturing tolerances of +/- 0,05mm)
Guaranteed electrical conductivity of > 34,0 MS/m
Possible thermal treatment in our ANOFOL annealing furnace

haomei aluminium is a China-based manufacturer and suppdder of Aluminum Strips For Channel Letters. In order to better serve our customers, we also provide aluminium sddt coil, embossed aluminum sheet, aluminum coil, aluminum tread plate, aluminum coil, aluminum sheet, and more. If you are in need of any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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High-precision ultra-hard 7075 aluminum for aircraft use

ccording to the needs of aircraft operations and the implementation of the task, equipped with a variety of pole, belonging to the aircraft landing gear technology, aircraft landing gear on the use of pole lock mechanism used in the landing gear under the lock of the majority of pole movement Large load, so the aircraft pole material should have a high strength and hardness, 7075 aviation aluminum plate is a more appropriate material selection.

7075 aluminum for aircraft use
7075 aluminum for aircraft use

7075 aviation aluminum plate mainly contains zinc. Belongs to the aviation series alloy, is aluminum magnesium zinc copper alloy, heat treatment enhanced alloy, but also super hard aluminum alloy, a good wear resistance .7075 aviation aluminum plate is the elimination of stress, after processing will not be deformed, warping. All large and ultra-thick 7075 aluminum alloy all by ultrasonic detection, can guarantee no trachoma, impurities .7075 aluminum plate thermal conductivity is high, can shorten the molding time, improve work efficiency. The main feature is the hardness. 7075 aluminum plate specifications, is a high hardness, high strength aluminum alloy, commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft structure and futures. It requires high strength, high corrosion resistance of high stress structural parts, mold manufacturing.


haomei Aluminum produced by the 7075 aluminum complete specifications, according to customer needs for custom manufacturing, has a good reputation and technical content, to meet the needs of our customers.

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5754 aluminum plate for new energy automotive

With the national policy guidance, as well as the green development of environmental requirements, the state of the new energy automotive industry has a more clear decade of development planning. By 2025, independent new energy car share to reach 80%, all new energy vehicles to reach the total car 1/5. Policy of this guide, means that the potential of domestic new energy vehicles unlimited, but also to the domestic 5754 automotive aluminum plate processing enterprises have brought great opportunities for development.

Aluminum Sheet in Automotive Field

From the current point of view, the new energy vehicles will usher in a full-blown high-speed growth period. New energy vehicles, batteries, body parts, parts, etc., will give the car withaluminum alloy plate market set off a new wave.

On the whole, the new energy to bring 5754 aluminum plate processing enterprises have two main opportunities. First, the level of aluminum to improve the body aluminum, fuel tank aluminum and other major parts of the body should use aluminum products, which will be the majority of domestic aluminum processing enterprises to bring important development opportunities. Improve the aluminum car with the strength of enterprises,aluminum plate processing enterprises to seize this opportunity an important prerequisite. Second, the core part of the new energy vehicles Power battery, power battery is the most important protection of vehicle operation, and power battery inside the aluminum foil and power batteries used 3003 aluminum plate, aluminum processing enterprises are to seize the new energy market, a major opportunity.

The development of new energy vehicles for aluminum plate processing enterprises to bring a series of good news. Who can innovation and development, leading the trend, who will be able to compete in the fierce market in an invincible position. haomei Aluminum industry to optimize the upgrade, through the “weapons and equipment quality management system certification” and “SGS automotive aluminum certification”, product quality assurance.

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high-end 3003 aluminum honeycomb plate

Aluminum honeycomb plate board is a kind of curtain wall decoration material which is special in the aluminum veneer industry. Its beautiful appearance, practical effect, excellent performance of energy saving and environmental protection make it have a place in curtain wall building materials industry, meet the definition of green building materials, As the “twenty-first century curtain wall building materials.”

Aluminum honeycomb board construction principle:

The design of the aluminum plate honeycomb structure is the equivalent of the web of the I-beam, which is mainly responsible for the stress. The middle honeycomb layer is equivalent to the web of the I-beam. The structure of the two panels of aluminum honeycomb panels is high and has a large moment of inertia, so that the stiffness is good and the bending strength is large. The middle sandwich layer is bionic in the natural honeycomb structure, and the material is small, but the shear strength is large and the stability Good; panel and honeycomb intermediate layer optimization combination, making the honeycomb panel with light weight, strength, good stiffness and so on. Table panels and honeycomb selection appropriate, but also get a good earthquake, heat insulation, noise and other properties.

haomei aluminum honeycomb panels on both sides of the panel for the high-strength aluminum, the inner layer of a special hexagonal aluminum honeycomb, as adherent in the sandwich structure of the core board, in the tangential to withstand the pressure, these intertwined dense honeycomb like many small jobs Beam, can be decentralized from the direction of the pressure from the panel, so that the plate evenly to ensure that the panel in a large area can still maintain a high degree of flatness.

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The alloy types of aluminum checker plate

Rolling the aluminum plate with a roller pressing mill and forming a protruding pattern on its surface forms aluminum checker plate. There are many kinds of aluminum checker plate, the most common is 5-bar aluminum checker plate (shape like willow). using the same material, the 5-bar aluminum checker plate price is 300 ~ 500 yuan higher thanaluminum plate per ton.

Aluminum Tread Plate
Aluminum Tread Plate

According to the pattern of aluminum alloy alloy can be divided into: ordinary aluminum checker plate, Al-Mn checker plate, and Al-Mg checker plate.
Ordinary aluminum checker plate: 1060 aluminum plate for the processing of aluminum plate from the plate, to adapt to the usual environment, low prices. Usually cold storage, flooring, packaging and more use of this pattern aluminum sheet.
Al-Mn checker plate: 3003 as the main raw material processing, this aluminum plate, also known as rust-proof aluminum plate, the strength is slightly higher than the ordinaryaluminum alloy pattern plate, with a certain anti-rust performance, but the hardness and corrosion resistance To 5000 series of pattern plate, so the product is used in the requirements of strict anti-rust aspects, such as truck models, cold storage floor.
Al-Mg checker plate: 5052 or 5083 and other 5000 series aluminum plate as raw materials from processing, with a good milk corrosive, hardness, rust performance. Usually used in special places, such as ships, car lights wet environment, the hardness of this aluminum plate, there is a certain load-bearing capacity.

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What are the pattern types of aluminum tread plate?

Aluminum tread plate, also known as unti-slip aluminum plate, is becoming more and more popular in our lives. It has many kinds according to its patterns, and in this article, I would like to introduce its types to you.

6061 aluminum tread plate
6061 aluminum tread plate

Five bars aluminum checker plate: five bars non-slip aluminum plate is also known as willow-shaped checker plate, with good anti-skid ability, and is widely used in building (floor) platform design etc. As the aluminum plate surface pattern is in accordance with the five concave pattern in accordance with the relatively parallel arrangement, and each pattern and other patterns between the 60-80 degree angle, so this pattern has excellent anti-skid performance. Domestic use of such aluminum is usually used as anti-skid, with a good anti-skid effect, the price plus cheap.
Compass aluminum checker plate: non-slip aluminum, and five bars to play the same effect, but not often used.
Orange peel aluminum checker plate is divided into: the classic orange peel pattern aluminum and orange peel orange pattern (also known as insect pattern). Its surface showing a pattern similar to orange peel, so called orange peel aluminum checker plate, which is commonly used aluminum checker plate products in refrigerator, air conditioning and packaging.
Lattice type aluminum tread plate is a commonly used anti-slip aluminum models, with a good anti-skid effect, mainly for the car, the platform non-slip, cold floor floor non-slip, workshop floor non-slip, elevator anti-skid aspects.
haomei Aluminum produces diamond aluminum checker plate, two bars aluminum checker plate, three bars aluminum checker plate, small five bars pattern aluminum plate and large five bars aluminum tread plate . haomei Aluminum has a strong strength, with 1.3 million production base, “1 +1” “1 +4” continuous casting and rolling production line, access toaluminum foil foil research center and many other honors, product quality assurance.

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Buying tips and precautions of aluminum tread plate

The purchase of aluminum tread plate has a lot of skills. Firstly, we should to choose manufacturers, and excellent aluminum tread plate manufacturers are the guarantee of product quality. Consumers need to choose the manufacturers with larger market and good reputaton. haomei Aluminum has a perfect after-sales service system, the use of late-stage after-sales service system support, trustworthy.

4x8 embossed aluminium diamond plate sheet
4×8 embossed aluminium diamond plate sheet

Secondly, is the choice of aluminum tread plate quality, pattern of poor quality of aluminum or not through some intuitive inspection to choose. In the purchase of the first time is the color of the pattern of aluminum, aluminum tread plate’s color is first time to buy the factors, the general quality of the aluminum tread plate is usually pale color, in fact, the color of the aluminum plate from the side of the pattern of aluminum The In addition, do not only consider the price of aluminum plate at the time of purchase.
The second is to look at the aluminum tread plate workmanship, through detailed inspection of aluminum tread plate work, such as check the aluminum tread plate flatness is in place, pattern aluminum surface pattern work is complete and so on. The purchase of the aluminum tread plate can also be checked from the relevant properties of the material, such as the strength of the aluminum tread plate, which can be heard by tapping the inside of the pattern with the palm of the hand. The use of the aluminum tread plate is also a consideration when purchasing.
The installation of aluminum plate is also a key point. Then what factors should we pay attention to? As we all know, the life of the pattern of aluminum and the usual use of a great relationship. Pattern aluminum usually maintenance is very important. We have to regularly on the pattern of aluminum on the impurities to re-carefully check the pattern of aluminum in the long-term use of any damage.
The installation of the aluminum tread plate is also a key, the pattern of aluminum in the installation process need to pay attention to is the material has a full understanding, according to the relevant steps to install a reasonable pattern of aluminum, pattern aluminum installation also need to pay attention to safety, The installation process requires a good cooperation between the construction staff and so on.

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Advantages of high quality 5083 shipbuilding aluminum plate

5083h111, 5083h112 aluminum plates
5083h111, 5083h112 aluminum plates

5083h111, 5083h112 aluminum plates produced by haomei Aluminum are common alloymarine aluminum plates with DNV and CSS certification.

Marine aluminum alloy is generally selected with medium strength and corrosion resistance can be welded aluminum alloy, in addition to casting aluminum alloy also has some applications in the field of ships.

Marine aluminum alloy requires excellent welding performance.

Marine aluminum alloy requires excellent corrosion resistance.

Marine aluminum alloy requires good cold and hot forming properties.

haomei Aluminum, as a leader in the domestic aluminum processing industry, roughing mill, finishing mill, quenching furnace, straightening machine, polishing machine and other advanced production equipment, which haomei Aluminum to create excellent quality 5083 aluminum laid a solid basis. haomei Aluminum 5083 ship boat aluminum with an annual output of 200,000 tons of powerful processing capabilities to help haomei Aluminum to seize the customer market, with broad customer base at home and abroad.

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Aluminum tread plate has many difficulties in welding

Aluminum tread plate is widely used in a variety of welded structural products, which is mainly because that aluminum tread plate has light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic, good formability and low temperature performance and so on. However, we encountered some difficulties in welding aluminum tread plate. Here, haomei Aluminum introduce aluminum tread plate’s difficulties in welding for everyone?

three bars aluminium tread plate
three bars aluminium tread plate

(1) aluminum tread plate welded joints soften seriously, the strength coefficient is low, which hinders the application of aluminum tread plate the biggest obstacle.
(2) aluminum tread plate welding is easy to produce pores.
(3) aluminum tread plate welding is easy to produce hot cracks.
(4) aluminum tread plate’s linear expansion coefficient, easy to produce welding deformation.

(5) aluminum tread plate surface is easy to produce refractory oxide film, which requires the use of high-power density welding process.
(6) aluminum tread plate has big thermal conductivity, the same welding speed, the heat input than the welded steel sophomore to four times.
Therefore, the aluminum tread plate’s welding process requires the use of energy density, welding heat input is small, high-speed welding of high-efficiency welding methods.
haomei Aluminum is a professional aluminum checker plate manufacturers in China, itsaluminum checker plate products include 1060, 1100, 3003, 3105, 5052, 5083, 5754, 6061, 6063, 6082 aluminum checker plate, diamond aluminum tread plate, three bars aluminum tread plate, five bars aluminum tread plate etc.

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Wide range of applications of haomei aluminum sheet

Aerospace aluminum sheet is used to make aircraft skin, fuselage frames, girders, rotors, propellers, fuel tanks, siding and landing gear struts, as well as rocket forges, spacecraft siding and more.

Packaging aluminum sheet is widely used in beverages, food, cosmetics, medicines, cigarettes, industrial products and other packaging.

Transportation aluminum sheet can provide a full range of automotive aluminum alloy materials Subway, light rail, used in the manufacture of cars, subway cars, railway cars, high-speed bus to the body structure, windows and doors, car engine parts, air conditioners , Radiator, body panels, wheels and ships timber.

Aluminum cans is a measure of the level of a country’s aluminum processing, aluminum, mainly in the form of sheet metal and foil as a metal packaging material, made of cans, lids, bottles, barrels, packaging foil.

Printing aluminum sheet, aluminum PS version of the printing industry for the transformation provided a strong support.

Electronic appliances with aluminum sheet, mainly for a variety of bus, overhead lines, conductors, electrical components, refrigerators, cables and other fields.

Building decoration with aluminum sheet , aluminum alloy due to good corrosion resistance, sufficient strength, excellent processability and welding performance, widely used in building structures, doors and windows, ceiling, decorative surfaces.

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